A number of classes utilize the San Joaquin Marsh as part of their instruction.  Courses range from the biological and earth system sciences to film studies and writing retreats.  Student also utilize the marsh for independent studies, which are supervised by faculty advisers and may be facilitated by reserve managers.  Below are some examples…


Field Methods in Ecology (BIOSCI. E166)

Conducting group and independent studies in Southern California ecosystems, this course covers the fundamentals of experimental design, statistical analysis, communicating scientific findings (orally, visually, in writing), and other skills necessary for the scientific investigation of biological processes in the field.

Field Freshwater Ecology (BIOSCI. E179L)

Analytical techniques for common water-quality variables of lakes, streams, rivers. Benthic fauna, vertebrates and invertebrates, algae, and aquatic plants. Emphasis on field methods with and experimental approach; laboratory exercises. Field trips to marshes, vernal pools, rivers, and streams.